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Fire Alarm Annuciator

While fire alarms systems for the average house or small store need only to sound an alarm to warn the occupants of a fire in a very large home, a warehouse, office building or apartment building needs not only to sound the alarm but to make it easy to figure out where the fire is so that when the fire department arrives they can go directly to the problem. The best device for this is a fire alarm annunciator. This device, depending on which you choose, will easily show where the fire is relieving the fire department of have to spend unnecessary time hunting for a problem that could cost thousands of dollars in damage and property loss as well as potential injury or loss of life to anyone still in the building.

The best kind of fire alarm annunciator has a panel, frequently with a touch screen, that shows exactly what is going on in the building. If an alarm has gone off it will show where the fire is. That means that as soon as the fire department arrives a quick glance at the fire alarm annunciator and the location of the fire is known so that the firefighters can be immediately deployed. It also allows the firefighter to shut off the alarm by hitting a button on the front of the panel.

Depending on the size of the building the fire alarm annunciator panel could prove to be quite large. It could be located, if an apartment building, in the superintendentís apartment which is usually situated on the ground or first floor. Or if it is in a warehouse or office building it will be positioned somewhere similar that is monitored by an employee and easy to find. When a fire occurs the panel will turn off all the other functions leaving the annunciator to show only the hot spots that need immediate attention.

So, by having a good quality fire alarm annunciator you have enabled the fire to be spotted quickly as soon as the firemen arrive as well as enabling the alarm to be silenced. The alarm being quieted makes it easier for the firemen to concentrate. It also makes it quieter for the neighbors and they will appreciate the loud noise being turned off.

Fire Alarm Parts Guide - 2010-14