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Fire Alarm Batteries

One of the most important parts of home smoke detectors are the fire alarm batteries. If these are not working properly then the fire alarm will not operate correctly. This could mean that there possibly would be a fire and the occupants of the home would not know because the fire alarm had a dead battery and so it did not sound off when the fire began. This can cause increased property loss and potentially injury or death to the occupants of the household. What is needed is to replace the fire alarm batteries.

This may sound simplistic but you would be surprised to know how many people do not do it. When the fire alarm batteries die a quieter alarm goes off to let you know. Then what many people do is to turn that alarm off, remove the dead battery and then not bother to replace it. So often these devices go off during the night, the concerned residents become annoyed to find it is not the actual fire alarm but just the battery warning. They pull the battery out in frustration and then far too many times they forget to replace it.

To avoid this scenario the companies who sell the alarms suggest that you test the alarm once a month. This takes only a moment, as there should be a test button on all smoke detectors. This will let you know if you need to change the batteries yet. They also suggest that you replace the fire alarm batteries once a year. The fire alarms themselves should be replaced every ten years.

But, what if you could buy fire alarm batteries that could last ten years without giving you any problems at all? This is now a very real possibility. You can buy nine-volt lithium batteries to use for your smoke alarm with a ten-year life span. These batteries are so well made they even have a safety mechanism to make them better for use inside people’s homes.

No matter what kind of fire alarm batteries you use be sure that they are working well so you prevent anything bad from happening if something in your home catches fire.

Fire Alarm Parts Guide - 2010-14