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Fire Alarm Devices

There are two types of fire alarm devices. These are the ones that make use of an audible warning system while others use a visual warning system. The devices that use an audible warning system are defined by what they use to make the sound with. Some use bells to sound the warning. These are gongs and the larger the gong the higher and louder the sound. The average bell is six inches wide, making a good strong warning noise as it makes its best effort to insure that it will be heard throughout someone’s home. Frequently the fire alarm devices put into people’s bedrooms use instead a gong four inches wide to not be quite as startling if it should go off during the night.

New electronic sound makers that require less power to operate while offering many more options to the user are displacing these bells. The electronic sounders in fire alarm devices are not affected if you mount the alarm on the ceiling or the wall. They work fine in both positions. These can send not only a loud warning sound, a tone, but can also use a pre-recorded spoken message to warn or instruct the occupants of a home that there is a fire and even remind them what to do.

The other option is visual warning systems for fire alarm devices. These are in the form of beacons. The beacon will be in several forms. Some are rotating because the light rotates to get its message of danger across but these are not often used. LED beacons are more common as they use very little power but nonetheless have the ability to put out a fairly intense light. The last type of beacon is called a xenon beacon. This one is the one that most systems use. It flashes on and off. Sometimes these lights have a filter cover them to make the light colored and so more likely to be seen.

In many fire alarm devices the visual and audible systems are combined to give the user the best chance to be warned that there is a fire, that there is danger and so help to ensure that they vacate the building as soon as possible.

Fire Alarm Parts Guide - 2010-14