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Fire Alarm Inspection

Why should you arrange to have a fire alarm inspection done yearly? First, if you own a warehouse, office building, supermarket or apartment building it is the law in most states that the systems must be inspected yearly. It is not just a safety requirement to do a fire alarm inspection its common sense. If you have a system in your home it would still be a good idea to have it looked at regularly. One day your life may depend on the system working.

There are many benefits to having this done. The most important one is that you want to be certain that the system works properly. A system that is maintained, as it should be, will save lives and cut down on property damage by sending out an early warning that there is a fire.

When the fire alarm inspection is carried out regularly it will also prevent false alarms. These can be dangerous because when the alarm goes off a few times and there is not danger the homeowner tends to ignore it and so does the fire department if the system is monitored. The first couple of times will be forgivable but after that no one will pay attention. That means if a real fire should occur there is a risk to the lives of those who are residents or employees of the building.

If there is not a regular fire alarm inspection and a fire occurs when the alarm is proven to be faulty and so not warn people of the fire and there are injuries or even deaths, the owner of the office building or apartment complex is liable for the personís damages as they did not maintain the system correctly. This can lead to large lawsuits.

If you ensure that the fire alarm inspection is carried out, as it should be, then this can affect your insurance costs. With proof from the company that does the inspections you can lower your insurance premiums.

Fire Alarm Parts Guide - 2010-14