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Fire Alarm Pull Station

A fire alarm pull station should only be utilized if there is an emergency. Sometimes people will activate that station as a practical joke. This is against the law and those who are caught may face heavy fines. These stations are set up in buildings, streets, and sometimes under bridges to help alert fire and police that there is a fire. A fire alarm pull station is red. They are clearly marked and using one is very easy. If a person sees a fire or smoke, all they have to do is pull down the level which will send a signal to the control panel. The panel will send another signal to the authorities.

A fire alarm pull station is required in every building. In some cases, on every floor. This is to keep people safe and give them a chance to escape in case there is a fire. Many times, these fires are not life threatening, but if an alarm sounds, people should exit the building and wait for further instruction. It is better to be safe than sorry. The fire alarm pull station has been around for a long time. They are usually accompanied by a fire extinguisher that can be used in case the fire has become uncontrollable and needs to be put out immediately.

Once a fire alarm pull station has been pulled, only fire fighters and police can shut off the alarm with a special key. This is protect people and to prohibit people from turning off the alarm. These alarms are very loud and should be taken seriously any time a person hears it. A fire alarm pull station is there to save people’s lives. Use them only when there is an actual emergency. Be careful not to accidentally pull an alarm by backing into it or catching it with a piece of clothing.

Fire Alarm Parts Guide - 2010-14